What is this about?

This blog is dedicated to dispelling some of the various social conventions, lame rules and rubbish that we have taken in from the society at large.Since young, we have been exposed to many lame stuff that makes no sense when we think about it. Are things really the way they are? Have we lost our ever questioning mind and just decided to accept things as they are?


The purpose for this blog is not to combat companies or products or destroy social fabric. Rather, I view it as a place where one can break free of the norms and seek a life that they want, instead of following through what society demands. I hope that this blog can push every visitor to challenge static ideas, stagnant thinking and see the world in a new light than before.

How you can help!

Daily, there will be new posts up on discussions. Basically, I will provide some preliminary research and then reach a conclusion on the truthfulness on the topic discussed. It will not be set in stone so feel free to comment on it, preferably with something to back up your claims. Rest assured that i will look at all your comments and add in new information if relevant. Verdicts are dependent on your inputs! Also, if you desire to discuss a certain topic, feel free to email me or leave a comment. Don’t be shy to ask! Last but not least, if you find this blog to be useful, please recommend it to your loved ones. “I think, therefore I am”. Guarding your mind from social poisons and freeing up your thinking is important regardless of what walks of life you are on!

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My email is Otherwise, you can leave a comment on the blog itself.


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