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The myth

By creating a bogus email address at the first contact of your address book, you can prevent the spread of any virus or worms that are in your system from spreading to your contacts. The bogus contact will have no email address on it so that if the virus decides to “send all”, it will encounter an error form your PC about how the message cannot be sent, hence containing the virus. Also, the failure to send that particular message will be traceable in your inbox, so you can remove the virus!

The truth

This method may be applicable a long time ago, when the internet just started, since then viruses are not so smart. However, with powerful malicious virus that can cripple even software giants like Yahoo! and Mircosoft, it is evident that this measure of just creating a bogus entry ain’t going to be able to stop the virus. Most virus do not mail themselves all in one message but may “choose” contacts to send themselves. They may skip over that first entry causing this precaution to be worthless. This randomised choosing of addresses may also be from other residue files that may be in your system but not in your address book. Examples are read email messages and HTML files stored.

Moreover, even if the virus had been curbed from spreading through the creation of the bogus entry, the fact that it is still in the victim’s computer poses another threat. The user may accidently execute a file that has the virus code in it and then the virus quietly destroy the system files. Just deleting the virus carrying email found out by this method is insufficient to combat the dangers of the virus.

Last Words

The best way to combat virus and worms is still the use of a good and reputable antivirus/antispyware program. There are many available and even if you don’t want to spend money, there are free antivirus for download over the net. Some of the better ones are AVG antivirus, Clam antivirus (open source), Spybot-Search and Destroy and Spyware blaster.  Disclaimer: In no way is this author related to the above mentioned products and software. These are just personal recommendations that I make for those who are looking for good softwares.

Verdict: BUSTED!!!!!!

Case Solved

Case Solved

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